Ansible & devop world

So recently, due to lack of Infrastructure coder at my work place, I was asked to do some Devops work. :-/ Shitzz.... Anyhow, beside learning all the AWS jargons and »


010 template note

Since I only touched 010 editor previously no more than the registration part after getting a fun reversing challenge from a friend, I thought i would install it today and »


Chameleon mini with MacOSX 101

Just got my chameleonmini from a batch order with friends and I was eager to do some NFC sniffing! Let's start with flashing it with latest firmware. Install all dependencies »


Useful static app

Sometimes i make single static pages for particular purpose, here is the list of some of them. : Code Highlight using JS that you can use to copy to word document »


Integrity attribute for script tag = great idea

I have always been worried about CDN being compromised and what a nightmare it would be to applications rely on them. Imagine popping a CDN hosting Jquery code and replacing »


Discounted 25$ Stellaris Evalbot - cheap ARM Cortex-M3 board from TI

This is a quick reminder to get a dev environment for the Evalbot cuz i'm pretty sure I will forget about it tomorrow. First you will need to download the »

Rasberry Pi 2 + Minibian + Gnuradio + GR-Osmosdr GNURadio block + Hackrf

Just self reminder for me to get some SDR stuffs onto minibian. The focus is to get stuffs to work in CLI so I can convinient ssh to it and »

Reversing + mitm android & iphone app

Updated - It's been a while since i last look at android app and smali. Here is my current setup with hostapd, dhcpd, burp proxy and some tips on unpacking »


mov eax, eax - part 2

So I somehow got sucked into reading about register read stall in my previous post and mentioned one possible use of mov eax,eax to optimise assembly code but this »


mov eax, eax

Introduction I'm sure when you reverse engineer shit in the past, you have come across some instructions that seemingly useless like the one in the name of this post mov »