Discounted 25$ Stellaris Evalbot - cheap ARM Cortex-M3 board from TI

This is a quick reminder to get a dev environment for the Evalbot cuz i'm pretty sure I will forget about it tomorrow.

First you will need to download the driver for the FTDI USB if you want to flash anything on it.

  • Connect the Mini USB cable to the ICDI labeled USB port on the board
  • Install the driver manually and pick the folder you have extracted the driver to.
  • Device Manager should show Stellaris Evaluation Board A & B now under USB controllers.

Let's try flashing it using the awesome - free ARM Cortex-M Dev Tool Chain called Coocox. You will need the IDE and the flash tool.

To use the old projects that people have floating around on the interweb, you may want to install the old CooCox IDE. The new CooCox will most likely fail to open .cob project files from previous version of CoIDE without throwing any error. This old version of CoIDE will open the cob project file, convert it to the new one that can also be opened by the newer version. Now, you will need to change the target device

You also need to download the toolchain to compile stuffs for ARM. By default, the Toolchain Path is at "C:\Program Files (x86)\GNU Tools ARM Embedded\5.3 2016q1\bin" (you will get a different version number of course. This will be asked when you first compile your program in CoIDE.

If you have problem with getting Coocox IDE to flash the Stellaris, try install Coocox Coflash by itself and use the following setting:

  • Under config:
    • Device Arm/Cortex-M3
    • Adaptor: Stellaris-ICDI
    • Max Clock: 2MHz
    • Reset: VECTRESET
    • Port: JTAG (After installing the driver for the FTDI, you will need to make sure the virtual interfaces are appeared under USB controller)
    • Flash Driver: Should be LM3S 256kb flash according to manual

Now with that setup, you can try to "Blank check" the device and it should show that flash is not empty.

Final note: I have not found the code for the demo app come with the Stellaris anywhere on the net and did not look for anyway to pull the binary out of the chip so once flashing it with different app, you will lose that demo bot. With that said, If you "semi-brick" your Stellaris by flashing a LED blinking light or that nunchuck app, you probably overwrote the Realtime-OS came installed on the device (it's ok, this RTOS from Micrium is now free and can be download for non-commercial use. Anyhow, to get out of this sticky situation, you can try holding down the ON/RESET button to perform a hardware reset. While holding down this button, the device will appear on the PC, try flashing it with new app. if it shows device not found error, you could try clicking the program button continuously while releasing the button, this worked for me. :)


Stellaris driverlib,inc& USBlib & doco:

Random app on the net:

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