New blog ... cuz it's cool is my new blog... Since i have been doing a lot of AWS related stuff, i thought it's about time to move the blog to Cloudfront »


Ansible & devop world

So recently, due to lack of Infrastructure coder at my work place, I was asked to do some Devops work. :-/ Shitzz.... Anyhow, beside learning all the AWS jargons and »


010 template note

Since I only touched 010 editor previously no more than the registration part after getting a fun reversing challenge from a friend, I thought i would install it today and »


Chameleon mini with MacOSX 101

Just got my chameleonmini from a batch order with friends and I was eager to do some NFC sniffing! Let's start with flashing it with latest firmware. Install all dependencies »


Useful static app

Sometimes i make single static pages for particular purpose, here is the list of some of them. : Code Highlight using JS that you can use to copy to word document »


Integrity attribute for script tag = great idea

I have always been worried about CDN being compromised and what a nightmare it would be to applications rely on them. Imagine popping a CDN hosting Jquery code and replacing »


Discounted 25$ Stellaris Evalbot - cheap ARM Cortex-M3 board from TI

This is a quick reminder to get a dev environment for the Evalbot cuz i'm pretty sure I will forget about it tomorrow. First you will need to download the »

Rasberry Pi 2 + Minibian + Gnuradio + GR-Osmosdr GNURadio block + Hackrf

Just self reminder for me to get some SDR stuffs onto minibian. The focus is to get stuffs to work in CLI so I can convinient ssh to it and »

Reversing + mitm android & iphone app

Updated - It's been a while since i last look at android app and smali. Here is my current setup with hostapd, dhcpd, burp proxy and some tips on unpacking »


mov eax, eax - part 2

So I somehow got sucked into reading about register read stall in my previous post and mentioned one possible use of mov eax,eax to optimise assembly code but this »