Useful static app

Sometimes i make single static pages for particular purpose, here is the list of some of them. :

Code Highlight using JS that you can use to copy to word document:

QRCode generator using js library

Phishing page:

Backup of Sammy's site for cracking Master combo lock:

For XSS or iframe injection:

For Fake Login page:

Laverna note web application - No i didn't write this but it's awesome so i want to host it for myself :). It's a pure static HTML5, js, css markdown supported note taking application that use localstorage, browser's indexedSQL to store encrypted notes. You also can also sync it to dropbox and NOTHING is stored/sent to my server:

IDN homograph attack demo and some other interesting bits:

StarRealm deck building game simple point counter

Arm wrestling bible (Made after I lost at arm wrestling to a much bigger dude)

Open blank-Changing parent tab <-- does what it says:

CSRF test page generates a csrf form submit page base off your "copy as curl command" from burp. Although under engagementtool you do have a generate cfrf PoC page anyway. :p Oh well, whateva

Pikachu is a static page that would try to steal your autofill info. put ?debug=true at the end of the url to see how it work or ?cc=true and see if it can steal creditcard autofil stuffs

This page does clickjack in your browser and make your facebooklike a page about picklecat :)

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