mov eax, eax

Introduction I'm sure when you reverse engineer shit in the past, you have come across some instructions that seemingly useless like the one in the name of this post mov »


Self reminder for exploiting stuffs in linux

So recently i did some excerise in exploiting linux binary with friends and the following are the common pitfalls which i stumbled many times which may help you or the »


Benchmark for

So this blog is hosted in a VPS. Incase you are thinking of buying a VPS from, here is a quick benchmark for the cheapest option »


Front end selfnotes - backbonejs + requirejs + firebase

So I found this cool cloudbase database thingo called firebase... perfect for Internet of Thing or little projects that you want to make, for example a todo list between husband »

Get that perfect score on Qualys SSL check

Well to get 100 score on Qualys SSL, you will trade off a lot of compatibility for security but well, why not? :) Here is my apache configuration at the moment »


Single block MD5 collision with 2 bytes different.

Talking to a friend about md5 collision, I found this interesting tool (fastcoll) and an example of a single block collision below (with only 2 bytes different): 0E306561559AA787D00BC6F70BBDFE3404CF03659E704F8534C00FFB659C4C8740CC942FEB2DA115A3F4155CBB8607497386656D7D1F34A42059D78F5A8DD1EF 0E306561559AA787D00BC6F70BBDFE3404CF03659E744F8534C00FFB659C4C8740CC942FEB2DA115A3F415DCBB8607497386656D7D1F34A42059D78F5A8DD1EF Why »

MSSQL - Check service account permission on Table

So I needed to check the permission of a service account and make sure it only has access to certain tables. This was the query i found and thought it »

Note to self... rooting Nexus5

first, make sure you installed adb tools and enable debug mode and adb devices can see your device unlock your bootloader adb reboot bootloader #When you see the Android screen »

Hackrf + Hardened Pentoo in Vmware fusion - Hello World

Still waiting for my hackrf :( but fortunately i got to borrow one from a friend to play with it during this weekend. You will need minimum 30gb for Pentoo when »


Milight + rasberry pi > Phillip Hue

Ok, that was an overstatement, I have not used Phillip Hue before but i'm Asian and I like it cheap! =p. This weekend, i decided to revive my rasberry pi »