Self reminder for exploiting stuffs in linux

So recently i did some excerise in exploiting linux binary with friends and the following are the common pitfalls which i stumbled many times which may help you or the »


Benchmark for

So this blog is hosted in a VPS. Incase you are thinking of buying a VPS from, here is a quick benchmark for the cheapest option »


Front end selfnotes - backbonejs + requirejs + firebase

So I found this cool cloudbase database thingo called firebase... perfect for Internet of Thing or little projects that you want to make, for example a todo list between husband »

Get that perfect score on Qualys SSL check

Well to get 100 score on Qualys SSL, you will trade off a lot of compatibility for security but well, why not? :) Here is my apache configuration at the moment »


Single block MD5 collision with 2 bytes different.

Talking to a friend about md5 collision, I found this interesting tool (fastcoll) and an example of a single block collision below (with only 2 bytes different): 0E306561559AA787D00BC6F70BBDFE3404CF03659E704F8534C00FFB659C4C8740CC942FEB2DA115A3F4155CBB8607497386656D7D1F34A42059D78F5A8DD1EF 0E306561559AA787D00BC6F70BBDFE3404CF03659E744F8534C00FFB659C4C8740CC942FEB2DA115A3F415DCBB8607497386656D7D1F34A42059D78F5A8DD1EF Why »

MSSQL - Check service account permission on Table

So I needed to check the permission of a service account and make sure it only has access to certain tables. This was the query i found and thought it »

Note to self... rooting Nexus5

first, make sure you installed adb tools and enable debug mode and adb devices can see your device unlock your bootloader adb reboot bootloader #When you see the Android screen »

Hackrf + Hardened Pentoo in Vmware fusion - Hello World

Still waiting for my hackrf :( but fortunately i got to borrow one from a friend to play with it during this weekend. You will need minimum 30gb for Pentoo when »


Milight + rasberry pi > Phillip Hue

Ok, that was an overstatement, I have not used Phillip Hue before but i'm Asian and I like it cheap! =p. This weekend, i decided to revive my rasberry pi »

GNS3 1.2.3 + Tuntap on MAC OSX Yoshimite

This is a quick post of how i got the latest GNS3 1.2.3 to work in macosx with tuntap Download the followings GNS3 - »